The status quo is a powerful thing.


Exploiting and slaughtering animals is an outdated, inefficient, and cruel way to produce food – yet it remains highly lucrative.

Even for those without vested monetary interests, social norms dictate lifelong animal consumption/use while making it taboo to critically challenge this behavior. Despite these obstacles, the vegan movement is rapidly gaining traction, so seeds of doubt and confusion are constantly sown by those clinging to the violent and wasteful status quo. 

Below are the myths most commonly perpetuated by the anti-vegan audience visiting our Facebook page through the years.

Note: These myths are mostly all environmental, as that is our focus. Veganuary has an extensive library of debunked ethical, dietary and health myths.



Also see the Facts - Overview page for the following FAQs (scroll to the bottom):

1) What about grass-fed / free-range / pastured?
2) Aren't vegan diets "a waste" of marginal land?
3) Why not just focus on eating local?
4) But isn't veganism a privilege?
5) Doesn't sustainable small-scale agriculture need to include animals & manure?